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the future!


These creations could pass as concept art for the Tomorrowland section of Disney’s theme parks. 

It’s difficult for anyone to imagine the future. But what if you were largely unfamiliar with the present?

That’s the fascination at the heart of “Commissions for Utopia,” a series of futuristic scenes of North Korea dreamed up by one of the country’s promising young architects. 


(Source: Wired)



Both infuriating and in a way, hilarious. The crazy thing is that not only have many of us had equally bad (though different) experiences with Comcast, many of us with loud microphones have as well, like Ryan Block here. And yet, Comcast keeps growing and sucking up all in its path.

Comcast undoubtedly would say that’s because our incidents are isolated and people love Comcast. That, of course, is bullshit. It’s because there is little-to-no competition in the market. In many places, if you want television and/or internet, you need to sign up for Comcast. And Comcast buying Time Warner Cable is only going to make that worse. 


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